Types of Hosting

Here are the 4 different types of web hosting services you must know before you decide on hosting your website, project or business:

Shared hosting

shared hosting

Shared web hosting is one of the cheapest type of web hosting. The reason why it is cheap is because of sharing of the different clients on the same server. Your website will be hosted on a server where it is being shared by other costumers.  It is affordable but you must make sure that it supports what you needed such as control panels, applications, add ons etc. The hosting company will be the one to monitor and manage the server and makes sure that it is running always.

Shared hosting is good for small to medium sized blogs, for picture hosting galleries, and also for learning novices.

Our Recommendation: Fatcow Web Hosting

Other notable hosting companies in this category include Justhost (the cheapest cPanel host), Hostgator (the best chat support), and Webfaction (with Shell access and knowledgeable tech support)

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is different from shared hosting where different people share the same server. In dedicated hosting, it lets you rent a server of your own where you can access all the resources and also giving you the right to host many websites.

It is good for Business platform, single application server, gaming server etc. People who have online businesses must have this kind of hosting.

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vps hosting

VPS  – virtual private server also known as virtual dedicated server. Displays a form of virtualization that split a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. This practice of dividing a single virtual server to make it appear as multiple virtual servers has been commonly observed in mainframe computers. It fills the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting providing small to medium sized businesses and websites with the reliability and control of dedicated hosting but with a cheaper cost per month. For example, MediaTemple offers cheap VPS hosting. The same principle is applied here.

Our Recommendation: MediaTemple

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting

Buying a reseller hosting plan or dedicated server and starting your own company that also sells web hosting to clients and it includes selling any type of web hosting but it usually refers to smaller hosting companies that buy one dedicated server  and then setup a hosting company to sell hosting to other people. Even big companies like HostGator who have thousands of servers are doing the same thing as the small guy just on a larger scale.

Our Recommendation: Hostgator

Here is a list of Reseller hosting

eCommerce Hosting

ecommerce hostingIf you want have an online store, eCommerce hosting is what you want. They provide you the functionalities such as secure sockets layer (SSL) support and shopping cart software that is essential in online shopping. They provide you with you with whatever you need to sell your products. A company contracts with an ecommerce hosting provider to purchase hosting space on its computer server. It is payed monthly with any leasing of computer software for processing online orders. Could be shared or dedicated. They also ensure secure payment processes, these providers also usually assist with setting up Internet merchant accounts, which are bank accounts established to process Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit-card transactions. Some hosting providers will register a company’s domain name as part of the package.

Our Recommendation: BigCommerce

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